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Monday, December 08, 2003

I really meant to update last week but I just got a full time job and I've been so~~ busy!
Its a great job though. I work in Toronto at a store called Kikiwai. If you know what Kikiwai is you'll probably be going "no way!" :P If you don't... go here and find out ^^;;
Aren't I lucky!
Yes, I will make them sell Security Blanket too. Sell my manga!!!

Ok... yeah, so you can come bug me about never updating if you want. I'm easy to find cuz I'm the only caucasian, blonde haired blue eyed girl there ^^;;
This makes me a living joke with the Chinese now >.>
Not that they're mean about it.... I'll shut up now

So yeah... this week I worked straight through... but next week I have Friday. Sat, and Sunday off (but Sunday I'm goinng to an Evanescence concert XD ) so I'll try to update on one of those days.

Gomen ne!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Um..... *looks around*


Cast your vote.
In a week I'll decide ^.^

Don't ask where I've been >.>

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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Heres the new page.
I got bored and decided to add some Japanese words to it ^^;;
For everyone who doesn't know Japanese here are the translations (although they are written right next to the words sorta).
The first one is "Onegai" or "Onegaishimasu" which is what my sensei calls a 'super-word'. You say it, you're supposed to be able to get the person you're talking to to do what you request. Its usually translated as "I'm begging you.", but I put "Pretty please" just to be cute :p
The second one is "uwa---" This one just got stuck in my head and I couldn't imagine this scene without having it.
"Uwa" sounds like "wow" when you say it, and Mitsuki from "Full moon wo Sagashite" says it so much that even I've started saying it :p

And there ya go. Megkin's little Japanese lesson is complete.
What do you think of the car?
I know the wheels are screwed up...but the rest looks good, ne? ^.^

I'll start the new page soon.

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OK I offically give up on the new forum. It just breaks and causes my internet to shut down all the time.
The old ones fine now. Yes, there's a lycos add...but it still works. You still got cute Stitch emoticons to pass the time :D
So back we go.

New page should come tonight or tomorrow.

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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Glow baby

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Saturday, June 21, 2003

I go to all this trouble to make a new board and import the database and now lycos decides to work again >_<
But that terrible add is still there. I guess we'll go along with the new one then. HopefullY (if people would actually help me over at IBF -.- ) I'll be able to import the database and get all your posts and member names back.
Test it out though.
That'd be a help to me too ^^

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Remember me?
Well here you go. The new Harry Potter book comes out today (no I don't read them ^^;; ) and you get a new Security Blanket page. Is this a good day or what? :P

Exams are almost over now so I thought I'd bring you a new page of Security Blanket. Now I think I know why I've taken so long to do it. I hate this page. Its bad, bad bad bad bad!
Allanah just looks so bad on the bottom left panel >_<
But yeah.
Its summer now, so I'll have a better updating schedule for you :D

Oh, also I know about my message board and oekaki. Makes you all think I just gave up on this site, ne?
No. That was lycos being a baka. So I have set up a new one and I'm working really hard to restore the database. For now just post on the new one I guess ^^;;

So, again, sorry for the delay, and the next page should be a bit better.

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Saturday, June 07, 2003


Run me over with your car :P

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Friday, June 06, 2003

OK. Security Blanket seems to be suffering a long and painful death... but its not. Really it isn't!
Its my art career that is. I am about 4 months behind in my art class and every time I even look at Security Blanket I feel guilty to draw it, when I haven't finished all my other assignments.
Who knows if I'll ever finish those assignments, but I do have tonight.
Tonight is Friday and I actually have drawn all of the rough layout to the next page (although I must fix this phone picture >_<) and I will draw it tonight. After the lovely Elquin's birthday gathering.
If you don't see it tonight or tomorrow morning you have permission to run over me with your car :P

really hopes no one reads this

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